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You Probably Won't Hear Me Say

Hello, everyone. Hope you're doing well. I'm unbelievable as always. Let's make this a mindless and random discussion.

I present to you, "You Probably Won't Hear Me Say":

 -Can I have a salad with that?

-I would love to help you move.

-I want that new Blackberry device.

 -Nothing satisfies me more than seeing the Gamecocks win stuff.

-I don't want a beer for breakfast.

-Cook my steak well done, please.

-I want to hold your newborn baby.

-Blue eyes are beautiful and I love looking into them.


Ok, that's a few. I could go on. What are some things you won't say? Leave 'em in the comments section below. Share this with the hashtag #thingsiwontsay with your social connections. Go!  



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