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Friday Lunch - Sorta

Friday lunch. Well, not MY Friday lunch. Heck I haven't had lunch yet. Anyway. . . as I headed out on my Friday PTO to get into whatever I felt like getting into, I noticed some "cleanup" on a side street. I had to take a closer look. So I grabbed my T5i and telephoto lens to see what was up. 

Image by Ant Pruitt      All rights reserved

Even though I shot this on my DSLR, I handled the editing process on my smartphone using Lightroom Mobile and Snapseed. I see this bird and I immediately think of something from a Neil Gaiman story. Mr. Vandemar, perhaps? I have some other shots from this morning and area. I'll share those later here and on my Instagram page.

Have a good day and thanks for checking out (and clicking "share") my shots.