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Ant Pruitt
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Everyday People Doing Everyday S***

Just a little podcast venture of everyday people doing everyday s***

One Of Us Is Interesting

Yo! So here’s another episode of the Everyday People Doing Everyday Shit podcast. THANK YOU ALL for the continued support. Since episode 16 was a little short, we both wanted to record another episode as soon as possible. Even though we have the studio mics set up, the audio could still use some work because I haven’t gotten all of my acoustic treatment mounted properly. Either way, it’s an improvement over the last episode’s audio quality.

Thanks for leaving a rating and comment on Apple Podcasts about our show, folks. Seriously.

It means a lot.

Shout out to my man Charlie Hoover and the Geek Questioner community. Check out his podcast here.

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Thank you to Panfurware for the musical support on this podcast.

Here’s episode 17.

Image by Ant Pruitt all rights reserved

Image by Ant Pruitt all rights reserved