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Content via for my personal blog sharing interesting and sometimes mindless thoughts. 

What It Is

Wake, brain dump, hydrate, stretch, dress, stretch, post, msg check, boil water, msg check, agenda check, add to agenda, bloom coffee, fire up white noise of media, get to work, conf call, pull-ups, push-ups, shoot, dog walk, "errands done?", "can I workout tonight?", look at analytics, upload and promote, msg check, put on my uber hat for my children, look at analytics, cook if needed, pull-ups, check how much didn't get done on the agenda, work the agenda or workout, work the agenda, eat, laugh at social media, whisky or beer, realize the tasks just may get done, watch tutorial and vlogs, hope I didn't screw up an upload, edit, cuss at the noisy images, cuss at the shitty audio, cuss about the cost of storage, stretch, more beer or whisky, post, post again, fall asleep at some point, repeat.

Because I don't have much of anything else to do anyway.

image: Ant Pruitt. All rights reserved

image: Ant Pruitt. All rights reserved