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Try Not To Blame The Tools

I love watching my YouTube subscriptions. Probably more than I love watching regular television shows. Recently, I watched another video from Darious Britt. This man is an inspiring film maker that has been helpful to many with his tips and tricks regarding telling a story. This video echoes telling the story, but it’s also about his camera gear.


It resonated with me because I KNOW i don’t have “the best camera.” But I’m fine with that (for now.) I know my lil’ Rebel camera can do a good job in most scenarios. If there are other situations needing a different camera, I just rent one. By the way, get $25 off of your rental from LensRentals using my link here. This is who I rent gear from with ease and with great rates. Anyway, back to Mr. Britt. . . .

Check out his video below. The message is great. Hopefully it will inspire you to keep on keepin’ on with the gear that you have. #CreateAndDominate