The News

I don't know about you, but I'm not one to turn on the local newscast or CNN or what have you. Yes, the news has its place. I get that. But check out this picture below, what stands out to you? This is from a preinstalled app on my Android phone (that I NEVER use).

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I was doing my typical quick morning reading and decided to check out this "news" app on my device. As it should, it took me to the top stories. I just shook my head. Why can't the news be happier in theme? This is why I don't turn on the local news casts or news services on my television. Yes, it's important to a degree to know about the stories mentioned in the shot I shared, but it seems as if that's ALL we get to hear or read about in today's news. It's so sad. Our world is a sad place when you look at it, but there are some small pockets of goodness and happiness in it too. Let's focus on that more than we do now. Just my two cents. What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment below. Also, be sure to subscribe in RSS as well as share my site with your friends. (The lil' buttons below can help you with that) I appreciate your support! 

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