Wow. What a Week

Well this week marked my first week off of FMLA and back to the grind of my regular J-O-B. It has been insanely dizzying. (Is dizzying a word?) Lots of stuff going on.

It was nice to get back in action as well as see a few people that were genuinely concerned about me. There are some other things goin' on with my job since we were acquired last October. My duties are going to change slightly as well as my team. This isn't a bad thing at first glance. I hope all goes well with this new transition as I get to know my new boss.

I feel bad that I wasn't able to do much writing this week for my personal site or even for aNewDomain or TechPageOne. Hopefully, I can get some pieces written up this weekend. I was too tired to do much of anything this week. I even missed out on YATS. Damn you east coast timezone and west coast timezone.

I hope to get back into a somewhat normal groove this coming week. I hope all of you are well. As usual, thank you for your support of my content. Please tell others about this site, iTunes option and my YouTube channel. Stay tuned for a milestone episode of "Stream of Consciousness" this week.