Free Motion Graphics Templates For Ya

I recently put together some generic motion graphics templates for anyone wanting to apply them to their videos. These templates are just a few lower thirds based on social media, a transition template and also an intro/outro template. You can only use these in Premiere Pro. The templates allow you to customize the text you display with them as well as change colors on some of the elements. Download the templates from here. Save them to your computer or your Creative Cloud library.

I'm also starting a tutorial series for beginners to learn how to use After Effects. First off, let me say that I'm not the best After Effects user out there, but I do know enough to create usable animations and motion graphics. The tutorial series will be on my YouTube channel as a playlist. Here's the first installment below. This first installment is a little long, but that's on purpose. I don't intend for the subsequent chapters to be this long. Hopefully this will work well for beginners. Thanks for checking it out and SHARING it with others!