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Smooth! Not Me, But My Face Is

About two months ago I was given some male grooming/shaving products to try out. I got these in the mail and was really excited to give it all a try. The company is called Polished and Proper. Polished and Proper is a barbershop in Laconia, New Hampshire that offers the old fashion barber experience. Old fashion barber experience? I'm in!  

Unfortunately, I don't live in the New England area of the US, so I'm going to go with the products delivered to me. All i can say is WOW. I received a pre-shave formula as well as an aftershave formula and was surprised at the simplicity and uh. . .nature. . .of the ingredients. The products include natural ingredients such as olive oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and jojoba oil. I still don't know how to properly pronounce the word "jojoba" oil, but my Google Plus followers were sure to enlightenment


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I tried out the pre-shave formula and was really surprised in the different shaving experience. The pre-shave formula conditions your skin, softens the whiskers and really makes your blade glide easily across your face. Even my ol'  el' cheapo blades. Of course, it works just fine for shaving my head. Such a better experience. The better experience lead to a smooth face and head that my momz could be proud of. 

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The aftershave seems fine. I can't rave on it, but it did feel like aftershave felt and how it soothed my skin after using the razor. It smelled good, like ginger. Natural. Not all fragrant like a loser trying to pass along his scent to a potential mate.   

I want to talk more about the pre-shave formula. Recently, I've had to travel and failed to pack my Polished and Proper products. Well, I had the aftershave but didn't have the pre-shave. Boy could I tell! I had gotten so used to the feel of shaving with that product, I've become spoiled, ya know? So when I attempted to shave without it, I sliced my dadgum face and scalp with the razor like it was a meat cleaver! Not good at all. Forget American Express, never leave home without my Polished and Proper! 

Check out Polished and Proper on its Etsy site. Grab the products. Good stuff from them, y'all. If you're a guy like me with coarse facial hair, this is the way to go. Check 'em out and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks to all of you and thanks to Polished and Proper!