Should You Buy A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Review

Samsung continues to crank out smartphones that will capture the attention of the masses and a handful of the geektacular. When it comes to the Samsung smartphones, I'm personally not a fan as the hardware has an issue of being too "plastic-like," too slippery and absolutely bloated with crapware pre-installed.  Crapware aside, I haven't been much of a fan for the Android skin "TouchWiz" used by Samsung. Supposedly, TouchWiz has gotten much better as an Android experience.

I didn't do a review of the latest flagship phone from Samsung, but my man Keyan X did. This is definitely one of my favorite review videos of the Galaxy S7 Edge as he goes through the pros and cons with no bias. Check it out. Be sure to show Keyan some props by clicking that "like" button on the video.