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You Probably Didn't Get the Android Update

You probably didn't get the Android update to version 9.0. Oh, and the version name is Android PIE. Don't worry, that's usually how it goes. It seems to only happen for people running Pixel devices. And even that takes a bit of grace from the tech gods because the mobile carriers have to say it's OK to run the updates on its networks. Sheesh!

I got my Android update as I do have a Pixel XL 2. So far, I can't say much about it because I haven't had time to dive into it. It looks a little different. The multitasking option is different, but I can't say it's better or not. It reminds me of how iOS used to do multitasking. Let's see how my usual apps operate with this new operating system update. . . . .

ALSO, I was on TWiT last night with Mr. Laporte, Mr. Ed Bott and Mr. Owen JJ Stone. Click below to check out that video. It was a fun episode. I'm totally honored to have been a guest. Thanks! 

screenshot via TWiT video

screenshot via TWiT video