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ANOTHER Big Update From Loupedeck and the Loupedeck+

Ever heard of Loupedeck? Well if you’ve followed my writing on TechRepublic or my videos on YouTube, you’d know I had my skepticism about this device that’s designed to speed up the editing workflow for photographers. Initially the device was designed only for use in Lightroom. But then, the hardware updated and better firmware was implemented. This meant support for other photo editing apps such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and Photoshop. THAT was a big move and I really loved using it in Premiere Pro.

Now there’s ANOTHER update to this Loupedeck+ hardware. If you’re a Photoshop user, you can now use Loupedeck+ in the Adobe Camera Raw app. Here are some of the update details from the team’s press release:

The Camera Raw integration provides more flexibility for Adobe users, allowing them to bring some of the basic features to the Loupedeck+ and increase functionality with Photoshop. Camera Raw is one of several Loupedeck+ integrations announced since launching one year ago, including Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition.

Camera Raw and Photoshop users using Loupedeck+ will be able to:

Categorize their images with stars and colors

Use Loupedeck+ to boost their raw images before editing them fully with Photoshop

Manage all basic adjustments (e.g. exposure, contrast, temperature) with Loupedeck+

Color correct their images using HSL scrolls that work seamlessly with Adobe’s HSL-adjustments tab

Fine tune their image with tone curves, details (sharpening, noise reduction), split toning, lens corrections, effects (vignette, grain) and use camera calibration to fix tones

Image credit: Loupedeck

Image credit: Loupedeck

Valuing Customer Experience

“We value a customer experience that is always evolving to benefit our users most,” said Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck. “We’re looking forward to offering our users new Adobe product compatibility with Camera Raw, as it’s something many of them have been specifically asking for. We’re confident bringing this new integration into the mix will help them further increase their productivity with the Loupedeck+ and provide the flexibility they require on a day-to-day basis.”

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Loupedeck+, I highly recommend it. I have an affiliate link you can use to get it over on Amazon for $249. It’s a pretty awesome investment. I’m not the biggest fan of it in Lightroom because I use my Wacom so often, but I do love it for color grading in videos. Check it out.

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