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Let's Have A Drink: Glenmorangie 12yr Quinta Ruban Port Cask

It's no secret that I enjoy tasting singlemalt Scotch whisky. A few weeks ago I picked up some sample malts. Here's the Glenmorangie 12 year-old malt. It was aged in a port cask instead of the typical sherry or bourbon casks. They call it The Quinta Ruban.

The nose on this is pleasant as it smells like a Heath Bar (toffee). Your dram should definitely breath a lil' to open up the aromatics and flavor. I took my first sip after about five minutes. The flavor is that of granola. A nutty, yet sweet flavor. What's crazy is the finish or after taste of this Scotch. It's PORT

This really messed with my mind. I know I'm drinking a whisky, but my brain is sensing a bottle of Port! It's not a bad thing, just a lil' odd to me.