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It's Not About TED Talks, It's About The Message

I've watched countless TED Talks over the years. I've enjoyed pretty much all of them. Then I later started hearing how some people dislike them or think they're all a flat out joke. Oh well, to each his own. 

Personally, I've gotten value from all of the one's I've watched over the years. I'm sure there are some talks that are not the most interesting to me or something I can personally relate to, but that doesn't mean those talks are utter crap. Anyway, the talk below features a photographer I've always enjoyed following and interacting with. Mr. Trey Ratcliff


His images have always been widely discussed. Some people love them, some people think they're "too much." I'm a fan. But anyway, he did a TED-X talk a few years ago. I recently saw this video and it was like a punch to my gut. I seriously felt this message and really enjoyed it. Take a look below. You don't have to be a fan of TED Talks to enjoy this. Just listen for the message.  Also, here's to finding your happiness. . . .