It's Been Just Over A Year

So it’s been just over a year since I put this video out. I asked loyal subscribers and viewers what they wanted. Some answered. Most didn’t. I’ve learned some things. The year has been fascinating.

First off, I learned that the YouTube algorithm is still a mystery. Even though many “YouTube professionals” will tell you they know the algorithm, it doesn’t seem to matter. Because it seems as if the algorithm changes pretty regularly only confusing those that upload. So what did I learn? Utilize tools such as VidIQ. These folks try their best to stay on top of the algorithm and what’s best for your YouTube channel. I’ve seen a little bit of growth over the year. A lot of growth thanks to the TWiT family having me on its network a few times. Oh and a little bit of growth thanks to people sharing a video they liked from me. VidIQ did help me get in search results a little more often and also helped me figure out when my subscribers actually like to watch my videos. Funny thing about that, most of my views aren’t even from subscribers. Maybe 20% at best. I’ve been told that is pretty normal on YouTube. WHY is that???

I’ve also learned during this year that I STILL need to do better with time management and continue to be consistent with getting content published. I’m getting better, but I can further improve.

I’ve also relearned that if I love doing it, then just DO IT. I try not to chase numbers too much, but there are times when I have to. It’s too bad that brands don’t give a shit how good your content is. If you don’t have several thousand followers or subscribers, you’re not good enough for their brand. I’ve been extremely fortunate at times where some brands liked me for ME and my connection to my followers and subscribers. That’s been great. I want more, though. So I’ll continue to do what I love, but I’ll also ask folks for “numbers” here and there. It is what it is. I just won’t be stressed or angry about the numbers because the real joy comes in the creative process and those comments I get that says “thank you” or “you really helped me.”

Anyway, just thought I’d share this because it was on my mind. I hope you all are doing well. I thank all of you for your continued support of my creative work. Take care.