It Comes To A Close - 2013

I want to thank all of you for reading (and listening) to my mindless content in 2013. This year has been a interesting one to say the least. I had a moment to truly reflect on it just recently. 

So many things have changed. I walk without a limp now. . .unless it's after a workout, but yeah I walk without a limp now thanks to my new hip replacement.

I almost exercise like I want to now because of that.

I've been able to successfully write up some technology commentary for a few websites: aNewDomain and Dell Tech Page One.

I've started a small Smartphone Photographers Community and (new website), watched it grow with interest and participation. 

I've let some people go and out of my life.

I've let a few people back into my life.

I've continued friendships with my online social media folks that have become "IRL" friends.

I freakin' flew on an airplane for the first time in my life. SEVERAL times this year, actually.

I've learned to keep being me and being happy about being me. It's nice when you're accepted, but it's not a killer if you're not accepted.

I've realized how much my small family means to me whether they wanna believe that or not. But I've said before, I'd kill for them. I'm pretty sure that's bad to say, but it's real.

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I've seen another year go by and I still have my parents, siblings and grandparents.

With 2014, I have some personal goals to achieve. They're pretty much based on projects and what not other than my goal of being a 400lb bench presser.  My physique has improved to be even better than my "prime" days of college. Oh and tighten up my lats and abs.

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2014 will be here soon. I hope you all have a good, happy, safe and prosperous year. Thank you all for everything in 2013.