A few weeks ago before I got crazy busy, the fam and I headed out to the local amusement park, Carowinds. This was a monumental day. Why? Because the #hardheadz have now "graduated." By graduated, I mean they have pretty much given up on the lil' kiddie rides. Even the 7 year-old is in on it.  Here's one of those expensive shots from the coaster that they sell when you get off of the ride.

Image credit Ant Pruitt for

I love amusement parks and roller coasters in particular. I have always enjoyed heights and speed. That's what a roller coaster brings. Over recent years, I didn't enjoy going to the park as much because NO ONE would ride anything. This year, they've come around. The flagship coaster at Carowinds is the Intimidator. I LOVE this coaster's speed and thrill. It's slightly different from most coasters as it uses negative G-forces more than regular G's. But I won't get all nerdy on you. Check out this vid.  

I love that ride. I look forward to the next thrill to come to the area. I look forward to the hardheadz takin' the challenge too.