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Hot Damn I'm Happy With This

On Monday, Feb 17th, I had a late nightish workout session over Gold's Gym. (Not a sponsor yet) I love going to that gym for several reasons, but that's for another post. This particular session was one of my least favorites. Squat day. I have always hated squats. I'm not sure why. My legs were always weak to a degree. I worked hard at 'em, but they were still weak. Even in my "prime." Then I went and had to have my hip replaced in 2012. Boy did that change some things. . .for the better.

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As you can see, there's a nice metal hip joint in my body now. That thing is great. But it does have some limitations. I'm able to move fairly well, but I don't get the same range of motion that I'm used to getting. I couldn't squat the way I used to for while. Actually, i just couldn't get depth for a little while.  I eventually gained more depth over time, but still not quite the same. What I've found is now if I do squats in the gym, I have to stand with my legs a little closer together than the standard squat position outside of shoulder width. The last few months have shown me I can get more depth by squat with my feet at armpit width. It's actually a pretty narrow stance. I struggled to get used to it as close stance squats put more pressure on your quads to work. Screw it. I wanted to get deeper squats and be safe doing it. Now. . .I CAN! Well, almost. Pretty damn close. My stance is below for the most part. My concerns with this is I didn't quite squeeze at the top each time. I'll work on that. I'm open to feedback regarding the video analysis of my (current) squats. Let me know in the comments below or over on the YouTube channel. Thanks!


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