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Hip Update Jan 31st 2013


I had my first follow up appointment with my surgeon's office today. I met with the PA, Kristen. Like my current home nurse team, i truly love my surgeon and PA. They have known me over the last few years and "get me." But anyway, details about the visit.

The visit went well overall. I walked through the halls and could feel eyeballs on me. The RN and Xray Tech were both noticing how well I walk now. 15days with no cane and counting, as of this post. 

Some xrays were taken as expected. I can remember when having simple xrays SUCKED. Today was totally different. I was laughing to myself a few times because it didn't give me discomfort.

The xrays came out and my hip looks GREAT.  Here are both of my hips in their glory. I bet ya can't tell which one had the surgery. :) Some of you more close to me know that i have a strong interest in the human body and that my previous major was sports medicine. So anytime I get to examine MRI's or Xrays or anything dealing with the human anatomy, I'm fascinated. It amazes me that he actually has to "hammer" that implant into my femur (thigh bone). 


As usual, it was nice to talk to Kristen. She gave me the whole run down. If you remember from previous posts or convos, I said that I was told my surgeon was "proud" of his work performed on me. Kristen told me why and boosted my ego at the same time.

They usually perform these on the elderly and the quads are usually weak and easily movable for surgery. This was not the case for me. She said that my thigh was huge and strong. I laughed out loud because I know for a fact that I've walked around on two twigs for 35 years, and have never ever mistaken my legs for being "huge."

She told me that her triceps and shoulders were sore for a few days because of trying to hold my muscles in place while my surgeon inserted the implant. Said he even struggled with my quad's structure and rigidity. After he got the implant in and saw how well it was working, he was quite proud. That was very nice to hear and comical at the same time.

Then she gives me the "angry mom" talk. As you know, I'm walking pretty dadgum well. But I'm walking well way too soon. According to Kristen, she assumed I've been exercising it harder than they'd like. Come to find out, I was. I have been doing all of the rehab exercises as instructed as well as yoga. But in addition to that, some days I would do a lil' more strength conditioning. I never felt like I was over doing it or going past my limits. I actively listened to my body and for any reaction. It felt fine, so I proceeded.

The problem isn't my feeling, the problem is the implant still has to properly seat and get rooted into my quads. The cement has to be accepted by my nerves and muscles that were sliced. This takes time. So, I was instructed to do my rehab, but cut some of the items I was doing in addition such as the strength training. Even if it WAS light stuff.

My hip does feel like it dangles from time to time like a pendulum, but that's because the muscles haven't fulling strengthened to hold it in place. 

I will continue to go forward with rehab and SLOW DOWN. That is a promise. This is too good to screw up. Yall have no idea the pain I endured over the years. This little bit of pain that I THINK I feel is nothing compared to the previous years. Part of me feels that's why I kept at the strengthening. Because it didn't hurt like I was at a limit.

Anyway, thanks again for all of the support.  Also, I wanna send a shout out to my man Mark at the office. If any SOI folks are getting these posts, feel free to share with others there. I'm not going to deal with HR's bureaucracy about my personal messages. . .even though people are asking me. Even some IN HR.  Smh. But yeah, thanks Mark. I appreciate you donating money to me. I didn't ask anyone for money, nor did I care to. But as a typical friend, you had my back. 

Thanks, everyone else as well for the love and support!