ZZZZZZZ is How it's Been. Hip Update 2/16/13

Nothing to see here, folks. Just me slummed up on the couch. This week I took off from rehab. I just rested. I'm glad I made that decision.

I say this because all week I've been strategically placed on my couch. It's been a lil' cold, but that's ok. I always have my comforter and a hat nearby to help keep warm. No. I don't run the heater. I live alone. No need for that if it's only me here. Just wrap up, dadgum it. But anyway. . . .


I found myself sleeping a LOT more than I normally would during the day. There were times when i needed to be writing, but my brain wasn't willing to let me do so due to exhaustion  I don't know why I was so tired, but I was. (and still am as I write this blog) Had I attempted to rehab while that sleepy, I stood the potential of injuring myself. You can't workout when you're exhausted   A mental lapse due to fatigue could really hurt you. So this week it was me, the couch, Netflix, and other video content. 

Speaking of Netflix, if you have it you should check out the series House of Cards. This show is really good. It's a lil' "smarter" than the stuff I normally watch, but man it's good. It's about Congress, the President and other political bull crap schemes goin' on (fictitiously) in D.C. Ok, maybe I described it in a boring way, but I promise you it's really good.

Anyway, that's the update for those that have been wanting to know. As usual, I thank those of you that have asked with genuine concern on my well-being. Yall mean a lot. 

Catch yall later. Be sure to check out my mindless show. I record Saturday nights for now, but the archives are always available on the top menu of my site.