Hardheadz Being Hardheadz

Ok, this pic has to be a few years old. I'm thinking it was snapped back in 2008 or 2009 based on the old house we used to live in. As you see this is a shot of the #hardheadz doing their thing. All three of 'em. Let's look at this a lil' closer.

First off, the smallest ones are actually trying to play basketball. Typical irony, right? My oldest was back there in the garage for some reason. Maybe he was done. I don't remember. What does he have on???? Looks like some mix matched basketball gear. Nevermind that, I'm sure he thought he was lookin' good. :) 

Next, let's get back to the smaller ones. Specifically, the smallest of the smallest. He needs to drop his butt a lil' more to be in a better defensive position. (c'mon, man!) Secondly, what da heck is HE wearing? Is that a freakin' rain boot??? If so, WHY? It doesn't look like it was raining in this shot. Better yet, it doesn't look like it had rained at all! 

These boyz really make me shake my head some days. I love 'em, but some of the stuff they do, say, try, or "not" do really amazes me. And entertains me, whether they know it or not. You remember acting like this when you were a kid? Not having a care in the world and just rolling along sportin' one rain boot on the basketball court?

image credit Ant Pruitt for antpruitt.com