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Freebies For You Creatives

Ok so i did a video about LUT packs for video footage some time back. I did the video because I was given the LUTs for review from the folks at Polar Pro. They’re really nice, actually. Then I realized I have a TON of LUT packs that I use which are absolutely free.

I believe I got them a few years ago via a referral from my Shutterstock account and the RocketStock website. I figured I’d share them with you all. If you don’t quite understand what a LUT pack is, think of it as a way to add a filter to your video footage as if you were adding a filter to your Instagram images.

Get the free LUTs here.

Check out my previous video showing how LUTs are used in video production here.

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Image by Ant Pruitt all rights reserved

Image by Ant Pruitt all rights reserved