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Drone Trekker Backpack From Polar Pro

The folks at Polar Pro reached out to me recently. The company has a backpack that's supposed to be a great way to carry your drone while you're out on your content creation adventures. It's the Drone Trekker backpack.

When they asked me about my drone, I told them I didn't have a DJI drone as I know Polar Pro works closely with the popular DJI drone brand regarding accessories. I'm a proud owner of the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone. I told Polar Pro they could send the backpack anyway since the DJI Phantom 3 and 4 drones are pretty similar to my drone in square inches. 

This is a pretty nice bag. It's definitely big enough. It comfortable and it looks like a typical camera backpack. Not a big "secret service" pack. I was able to pack my drone and drone accessories without any issue as well as other items that I need for my photo walks such as cables and filters

I love all the pockets and interchangeable slots allowing you to fit your items inside to your liking. If you only want to carry a DSLR, this bag works great for that as well. The one thing I didn't like was the lack of dedicated propeller storage. A lot of drone bags have slim slots to slide propellers inside. The Drone Trekker does not. It's OK, but I like the slim slots better.

I even challenged myself to pack as much as I possibly could into the Drone Trekker. I was able to pack:

1 15-inch laptop

1 wacom tablet (Intous)

1 wired mouse

1 DSLR body

2 DSLR lenes

1 DSLR power supply

3 DSLR batteries

1 lav mic

1 intervalometer

2 drone batteries

8 drone propellers

1 pair of wired earbuds

1 hot shoe flash

1 hot shoe shotgun mic

1 Zoom H1 audio recorder

multiple SD cards

4 ink pens

1 tripod

1 small notepad

1 drone power supply

1 Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone body

That's a LOT of items. It was totally overkill on my part, but it's nice to know I could safely and comfortably pack these items. You can get the Drone Trekker backpack for $129.99. I appreciate them sending this out to me. This bag is pretty sharp and a nice price considering the space and security. (Yeah there's even a TSA lock on it) 

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