Do You Remember Your First?

Computer. Your first COMPUTER. Actually, not YOUR first computer, but do you remember your first experience with a computer? Where were you? How old were you?  And so forth.

I can remember my first experiences with a PC in primary school. Playing around on an Apple ][,  Using big floppy disks and playing Oregon Trail. Such a classic game. I also remember getting my very own computer from my grandmother. This thing was sooooo cool to me. I had to plug it into my television and type in all of the code that was in the manual to make programs work. It was the Mattel Aquarius PC


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My momz later got  computer/word processor. I think it was an old Packard Bell. What I remember about it was teaching myself how to type with the typing tutor program. All of this was in the 80's and early 90's. 

College was a different story as I saw the internet for the first time. WOW. Freakin' IMAGES on the computer screen! I remember the first thing I searched for on the "web crawler" search engine was "Green Bay Packers." This popped up a list of different stories and a picture of Brett Favre. My mind was blown.

This video below is from the Fine Brothers. They did a great job asking kids TODAY to look at a computer from the days of yore. The video almost makes me feel old. Lol! Check it out. Leave a comment below with your first computer experience. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing this with others!