Crispy Temperatures, Morning Photo Walk

Back on the weekend of the Clemson at Wake Forest game, I got up early to do a lil' walking on the river trail. I needed this walk for the exercise and the opportunity to click the shutter on my cameras. Year-end has been an absolute wreck on my brain, recently.

If you follow me on Periscope, Instagram or Twitter, you'd know that I did a live stream of part of my walk and how certain things move me to snap a photograph. Part of the process is shown in this video.

I may have been out there for three hours or so. It was peaceful. It was worth the walk and worth my time sitting in the cool winter temperatures. Here's one of the shots from my walk. Shot with the Canon T5i. Processed in Lightroom.

image by Ant Pruitt - all rights reserved

How often do you go out for a photo walk? I don't go out enough. I really need to do this more often. Comment below with your thoughts. Thanks for checking out my shots!