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BREAKING NEWS: I Like To Drink Beer

I like drinking beer. In the words of Billy Currington, "I'm Pretty Good At Drinking Beer," actually. Do you like beer? Most people that I ask, tell me they don't like it. Tastes bad, smells bad, etc. Other like the "effect" of beer more so than the taste. Me? I freakin' love the taste. No I'm not one to go on a mission and get drunk. Screw that. Let me taste and smell some of the best hops Bavaria has to offer!  

The IPA's (probably my favorite type), lagers, porters, stouts, brown's and even witbier. All of those types of beer offer a different body and taste.

Beer. So freakin' versitile. So freakin' good.

Do you like beer? What are you favorite types or beers or brands? Leave me a comment below. Also, feel free to follow me on Untappd as I discover many different beers throughout the week. 

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