Probably My Favorite Audio Editing Resource. Yeah I'm Pretty Sure Of It.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this man is my favorite audio editing resource. If you’re a content creator producing videos or audio, I HIGHLY recommend you give my friend Jason Levine a follow and subscribe. Saying he’s “really good” at this stuff is an understatement.

Who Is Jason Levine?

I got acquainted with him a few years ago when I stumbled across a live stream he was doing on YouTube. He was engaging and highly detailed in that live stream. Later, I had a question so I asked him on Twitter. He ANSWERED my question. Some time later, I had another question for him via Twitter. He ANSWERED my question again. Later I tagged him as I shared some of his content with my followers and he was so appreciative. Just flat out genuine.

You’re probably saying, “big deal, Ant. He replied.” Personally, I am fascinated by his genuine responses to me and others because he doesn’t really HAVE to do that. Secondly, I know he doesn’t always have time because he’s the Principal Worldwide Evangelist at Adobe specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and Adobe After Effects. By the way, I’m an authorized Adobe affiliate and you can get a FREE TRIAL to the Creative Cloud suite of apps using my link here and Adobe will give my small business a few dollars in commission. Anyway, yeah, I always find it awesome that Mr. Levine takes the time to actually respond to questions and feedback considering his stature and the gazillion notifications he probably gets on social media.

Later in November, I’ll be traveling out to Los Angeles to cover the Adobe Max conference for Tech Republic. I look forward to covering the event and seeing the new products offered by Adobe. I also look forward to meeting other creative artists and influencers while I’m there. What Mr Levine doesn’t realize is I’m going to ask my Adobe PR reps if I can have some interview time with him. I’d like to sit down and pick his brain more for my readers. I must also say that I’m truly honored to now be able to call him a friend. It’s been an insanely cool couple of years learning about him professionally and personally. It’s been hilarious being able to crack jokes with him. It’s been inspirational to have him say “great job” on something I created.

A Great Resource

Ok, anyway, I HIGHLY recommend you subscribe to Mr. Levine’s YouTube channel and check out the playlist below. The playlist is a couple years old, but is still very useful if you’re running or trying to learn Adobe Audition. I still reference it from time to time. It’s a tremendous help in the world of audio engineering and editing. Thank you Jason for your friendship and your continued support of me and people like me out here just trying to create. While you’re at it, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel and Instagram as it really helps me get more jobs.