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And So It Ends For Now

The last Clemson home football game has come.and gone. It has been yet another great season for the team I love. But yes, the home football season is over. First off, before you go and judge me, yes I know I got it bad. I know that my emotions and feelings about my visits to Clemson are not that of a typical person. So. What.

I'm grateful for being able to share my experiences there with my sister, who got me the season tickets the last three years. This weekend she didn't attend, but I was able to enjoy it with my youngest hardhead. He loves Clemson as much as I do and it warms my heart.

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When he has the chance to roll with me, he is all-in. His face is always lit up with a smile or chatting me up with mindless stories. He and I there together really strikes my heart as I know he is just sharing a common love.

As usual, pregame.means tailgating and our pregame workout as we walk to our seats.


The game was senior day as well as military appreciation day. These are some.of the more emotional pregame ceremonies as you have college kids that see a dream come to a close as well as extended time to honor soldiers that selflessly served our country to protect the simple freedom of driving two.hours to see my favorite team play. In recognition of our troops, the university asked the fans to wear purple instead of our usual orange. Purple Heart medal owners recognized by purple clad Clemson fans. It was best and unusual to see so much purple on campus and in the stadium.

As I walked back to my seat from halftime refreshments, I thought more about the season and reflected.  This was the first season in about four years I didn't have to walk around with a cane. This was my first time in about ten years witnessing my team as a top five ranked team. This was the first year I could have one on one time with my hardhead at these games as I did with my pops. As all  that flashes through my head, I saw this image. My hardhead and him being "welcomed" to Death Valley.

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At the end of the game he and I walked the field,  the hill and back to our friends' tailgate. Then I captured this shot with my smartphone. As I told my friends on twitter, the shot just felt right. I guess it was the whole military appreciation and "come to an end" thing. Not sure, but I like the results.

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Well now remains our game against our rival South Carolina Gamecocks down in Columbia, SC and our bowl game. I hope we can pull out a victory against these guys. They've had our number the last four years. GO TIGERS!