30 Days and 30 Photos, Day 25

The day of rest, also known as Day 25 of #30DaysAnd30Photos was definitely restful. I did pretty much did. . .NOTHING. I did have a wild idea to go check out a local lake as I haven't been there in maybe six months. Unfortunately, it began to rain at the time. Fortunately, it began to rain at the time. 

Yeah the weather was both a pain and beneficial. It was a little wet when I arrived. All good as I've found that after a rain storm, the sky is ripe for great photos. I guess it's the atmospheric moisture or something. I don't know, but the clouds always look dramatic and the sky color is always some wickedly cool color other than blue. 

I battled with this shot a good bit. I was facing the bright ~4pm sun AND water from the lake. I had no other options besides HDR and/or my ND filter. Actually, I'm sure there were other options, but at this point in time, these were the first tools to come to my mind.So here you have an image shot with my ND8 neutral density filter and editing in Lightroom. Thanks for checking out and sharing my shots with your social media folks.

Image by Ant Pruitt     All rights reserved