30 Days and 30 Photos, Day 20

There's a photo I've been wanting to capture for a long time. Sadly, weather conditions and timing has prevented it. On Day 20 of my #30DaysAnd30Photos challenge I was able to grab the shot I've wanted. Each day, birds gather in my backyard for their breakfast. There are a few spots of tall brush in my backyard and the birds perch on this vegetation from time to time. Every time I attempt to capture a shot of them, they fly away. 

Now that spring is coming around the corner, I hope to get images similar to this more often. And hopefully, I won't have to shoot this through my office window as I did with this photo. I find it interesting to see how bulbous this bird seems to be shaped. Doesn't look "flight capable" in my opinion.

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Image by Ant Pruitt      All rights reserved