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30 Days and 30 Photos, Day 19

Oops. I'm late getting the day's submission to #30DaysAnd30Photos challenge up. Here's Day 19's photo. I know what you're thinking. "What kind of boring crap is this, Ant?" 

Truth is, I totally forgot about the challenge. I honestly don't remember much about the day other than sitting at my desk late in the evening going through my typical workflow of editing shots captured over the previous weeks. I looked down at the clock and was just under the wire of midnight. Fortunately, the T5i was right next to me.

When I edit photos, I typically fire up some music of my choice via Google Play Music or YouTube. This night, I was listening to the beautiful Ecstasy of Gold on YouTube while sorting through Lightroom

Image by Ant Pruitt      All Rights Reserved

Hey thanks for checking out my photo journey. Be sure to check out my friend Liana Lehua and her photo challenge. She's MUCH better than I am.  Lol!  Be sure to hit those sharing buttons below and check out my gallery to buy prints for your naked walls. Thanks!