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I Guess It’s Been Almost 4 Weeks. I Don’t Know

Hey yall. Quick update and support request.

First off, all is well with my hip.  I swear I don't feel much in there.  My quads are still sore and not up to par, but I've been working on that and it's improving slowly.  My only problem I'm concerned with is my blood.



As some of you know, when you have surgery you're put on blood thinners to prevent blood clots after surgery.  I've been on a blood thinner ever since the day.  Oddly, my blood continues to be thick.  This concerns me because it's not getting better even with dosage changes to my RX.  

I've taken it upon myself to eat more protein, fish and as usual have my beers, wine and liquor.  For the next few days I'm eating nothing but salmon, tuna, poached eggs and steaks. This is a test for me to see if I can manage it better myself than the RX.  

Anyway, I'd like to ask that you all keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I have NO IDEA about blood clots.  None.  I feel totally fine, but I've learned that means nothing at all.  Even my pulse rate is sky high now.  My pulse is normally in low to mid 50's per minute.  Recently, I've been around 90-95 per minute.  Big jump.

Anyway, thanks for your support and prayers and reshares of my content. 



PS:  Don't forget to check out "Ant Pruitt:  The Show."  I've gotten very little feedback on it and I need feedback to make it better for everyone as this will be interactive.  Thanks!

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